Psalm 95 (CSB)

1 Come, let’s shout joyfully to the Lord,shout triumphantly to the rock of our salvation!2 Let’s enter his presence with thanksgiving;let’s shout triumphantly to him in song. 3 For the Lord is a great God,a great King above all gods.4 The depths of the earth are in his hand,and the mountain peaks are his.5 The sea is his; he made it.His hands formed […]

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9/21/20 Update

Well, I guess it might be a good idea to let folks know what’s going on. On July 12th I started serving as the preaching/teaching minister at Berea Christian Church in Hertford, NC. It’s been a little over two months but I feel like Robin and I are finding our place here. The folks in […]

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Well here we are. It has been two weeks since I moved back to North Carolina. I have a couple of ministry opportunities at the moment but am not 100% which one I will take. I can see myself doing either one so the decision will most likely come down to financial compensation. I don’t […]

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Killing My Old Man

Killing My Old Man (lyrics by Bob Hartman) I think its gone far enoughI can’t take it anymoreI’ve got to even up the scoreBefore he sweeps me off the floor I’ve really got to find a wayOf taking care of him for goodI know he’d kill me if he couldSo I’ll nail him to the […]

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Every Day Is Winding Road

I’m not a huge fan of Sheryl Crow but I like that song. It’s also an appropriate title for this entry. Life has gotten interesting. I don’t know why I should expect any different. I learned a long time ago that plans are made so they can be changed. I have also learned that I […]

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More Than A Feeling

I grew up in the Seventies and Eighties and listened to a lot of music that is now considered classic rock. I was introduced to some of it through my uncle Neil’s record collection. I remember seeing one album cover that completely captivated me as a child. I didn’t know what the music sounded like […]

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