Well here we are. It has been two weeks since I moved back to North Carolina. I have a couple of ministry opportunities at the moment but am not 100% which one I will take. I can see myself doing either one so the decision will most likely come down to financial compensation. I don’t […]

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Killing My Old Man

Killing My Old Man (lyrics by Bob Hartman) I think its gone far enoughI can’t take it anymoreI’ve got to even up the scoreBefore he sweeps me off the floor I’ve really got to find a wayOf taking care of him for goodI know he’d kill me if he couldSo I’ll nail him to the […]

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Every Day Is Winding Road

I’m not a huge fan of Sheryl Crow but I like that song. It’s also an appropriate title for this entry. Life has gotten interesting. I don’t know why I should expect any different. I learned a long time ago that plans are made so they can be changed. I have also learned that I […]

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More Than A Feeling

I grew up in the Seventies and Eighties and listened to a lot of music that is now considered classic rock. I was introduced to some of it through my uncle Neil’s record collection. I remember seeing one album cover that completely captivated me as a child. I didn’t know what the music sounded like […]

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Friend Of The World

You adulterous people! Don’t you know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God? So whoever wants to be the friend of the world becomes the enemy of God. Or do you think it’s without reason that the Scripture says: The spirit he made to dwell in us envies intensely? James 4:4-5 (CSB)

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